Apply for Housing

To register your interest in co-op housing contact Common Equity Housing Limited at: or call them on

Ph:  (03) 9208 0800
Freecall: 1800 353 669

Co-op housing is not quick to get in to, and is managed by the co-op members themselves, along with some staff for a few of the co-ops. You need to attend an information session (run by CEHL) to learn what to expect from being a member of a rental housing co-operative. It is ONLY by attending an Information Session that you are able to obtain an application.

To register to attend an Information Session, go to

Once you have attended that info session you will be able to submit your application, which then places your name on the central rental housing co-op waiting list, managed by CEHL. You can specify, at this point, what area you would like to live in, i.e.: Darebin, Northern Suburbs, etc.

When a rental housing co-op has a vacancy they / we contact CEHL and ask for a list of names of people who are eligible for the type of housing (number of bedrooms) available.

Interviews are then offered to some of the people on the list given to the co-op. Interviews are held & then one person is selected for the vacant property.

Places don’t come available very often, but they do come up eventually. As you can appreciate, once a family gets into long term housing they usually stay for a long time. But don’t let this stop you from registering to attend an Information Session, that is the first step, and housing can’t happen without that.