About Us

“Matthew and Melanie enjoy being active members of the co-operative. Both share a strong commitment to the importance of contributing to NRHC’s community and ongoing sustainability. Melanie has been a member since 2000 and has spent the last 5 - 6 years as chairperson. After meeting Melanie, Matthew became a member in 2010 and has spent the last 3 years on the Members Development Committee. They share a home together in Thornbury with their three children.”


To be an innovative rental housing co-operative, providing and promoting the model of long term, quality, affordable housing choices in response to the needs of its members and the community.


Northcote Rental Housing Co-operative is an inclusive, member-governed Co-operative that provides quality affordable homes for current and future members on low to moderate incomes.

Our key outcomes include:

  • Leading the creation of innovative solutions and housing choices to meet the needs of our members according to their varying life circumstances.
  • The active participation of members in governing their Housing Co-operative.
  • Opportunities for our members to realise their potential and improve their life circumstances through education, personal development and training.
  • A demonstration of the benefits of Co-operative Social Housing for the broader community.




Our strength as a Co-operative is based on the active participation of our members and our mutual responsibility towards each other as Co-operative members.


We are an open and democratic Co-operative that ensures members are informed and is accountable to its members and the broader community.


We provide opportunities for personal growth and skill development through inviting the active participation of our members in all aspects of the Co-operative.


We strengthen the financial and organisational sustainability of our Co-operative and improve the environmental footprint of our homes and the community.


We work collaboratively embracing the Seven Principles of the International Co-operative Alliance.


We are an inclusive Co-operative, responding to the needs of our diverse membership according to their life circumstances and creating equal opportunities for everyone to participate in the life of the co-operative.

Quality and Affordability

We enable access to housing and enhance personal dignity through maintaining and growing a supply of quality homes that are affordable and accessible.

A safe and secure home

We provide safe and secure homes for our members and through mutual responsibility realise benefits for members so that they are able to fully participate in their communities.


To express our Values we will:

  • Be welcoming and friendly
  • Encourage innovation, new ideas, be open in our thinking and learn from mistakes
  • Work collaboratively with our members, staff and stakeholders
  • Be honest, open, democratic and accountable in our decision-making and reporting
  • Communicate and willingly share information, knowledge and experience
  • Be caring, understanding and considerate of each other’s needs
  • Encourage member engagement and participation on Boards and Committees within the Co-operative
  • Be respectful of each other, our properties, and in our dealings with others
  • Take responsibility for our organisation, reputation, assets, homes