History of NRHC

The Northcote Rental Housing Co-operative is a Registered Housing Provided. NRHC became registered in October of 2008. This was a big achievement on the part of the members and workers of the co-operative.              

Northcote Rental Housing Co-operative Ltd has operated since November 1983, and is incorporated under the Co-operatives Act 1996.

NRHC manages a total of 40 properties. Thirty-six of the properties are owned by the Director of Housing and operate under the terms of the Housing Provider Framework Lease and Property Management Agreement.  These properties predominantly lie within the City of Darebin.

In 2013 NRHC purchased 2 apartment properties  in Abbotsford, and in 2014 took on the management role of 2 more apartments for The Summer Foundation.

NRHC targets providing houses at affordable rent for lower income one and two parent families together with 10% of the agency’s properties being set aside for housing people with physical disabilities. Since 1983, NRHC has housed 99 members and their families.

NRHC is governed by voluntary Board of 7 Directors who are all members of the Co-operative and are democratically elected by members of the Co-operative, thus ensuring member/ tenant/user control of the operation of the service and a better understanding of tenant-members’ needs.

As a co-operative, NRHC follows the 7 Co-operative Rules.

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